Childhood Development in Broadmeadow

Montessori’s Environment

At our Broadmeadow Montessori Children’s House we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and respectful of nature. We encourage our children to understand our responsibility and place in the environment.

Our site is largely laid to grass and studded with trees. We have an area of raised beds and fruit trees, a worm farm and compost heaps.

As part of our program, children are introduced to the circle of life and growth which sustains us all. Sustainability practices are embedded in our daily routine. We recycle, compost, use rain water tanks and have installed solar panels.

Environmental Awareness

Home Environment

“No matter how you regard the school, you must realize that as parents you have the greatest influence on your child’s life because of your unique love. No one knows and cares for your child as well as you do.

Educate means “to lead”. As parents you have the special opportunity to lead the child into activities that are your hobbies, your chores, your spiritual and intellectual life, your appreciation for the environment. What you share with your own they remember with a special relish. You desire what is best for yours even though this involves sacrifice and renunciation. You want to give, but not indulge, serve but not over serve, allow freedom but not licence. Broadmeadow Montessori will be a natural extension of your home and will help in establishing a balance.

The directress certainly can work with the child uniquely in the prepared environment and in the context of the other children, but your relationship is still the key. As your child starts out on this great adventure called Montessori, remember that you are the most important adult, and for your effort there is no substitute”. (From “A Parent’s Introduction to Montessori Preschool” by David Kahn).