Preschool Enrollment in Broadmeadow

How to Enroll

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It is recommended that you send in your child’s waiting list application as soon possible, as we have an extensive waiting list. You will be contacted prior to your child’s 3rd Birthday and will be requested to come for an observation with your child. This gives your child and your family an opportunity to start forming a partnership with the educators, so that your child’s transition to the Centre is a positive and happy experience.

Broadmeadow Montessori Children’s House is a High Quality Accredited Centre. You may be entitled to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) depending on your circumstances. We are opened 48 weeks of the year and the Centre operates from 8:00am – 5.30pm.

Children who took part in our preschool enrollment in Broadmeadow

Why we prefer to start children at Three

When a child enters the centre at 3 he/she is in their sensitive period for order. They absorb easily how thing are done. They quickly learn procedures, they see the social setting and learn how to relate within it. They are empowered to become independent and capable individuals. If they miss this period it may be harder because they have to learn it, rather than just absorb it. The order internalised, becomes the basis for all further learning –it provides a sound foundation for the development of the personality.

Children who enter the centre at 3 years are at their peak receptiveness to order and independence. They make optimum use of the concrete materials available to introduce them the concepts that underlie all development within the child. This provides a solid base from which they are led easily to the abstract ideas that are the basis of advanced understanding.