Preschool Enrolment in Broadmeadow

How to Enrol

Click enrol to begin

Click on enrol to create a waitlist application or call us to speak to one of our wonderful educators. You will be contacted by one of our educators and be invited to book a tour of our preschool environment. This gives your child and your family an opportunity to start forming a partnership with the educators, so that your child’s transition to the Centre is a positive and happy experience.

Broadmeadow Montessori Children’s House is a High Quality Accredited Centre. You may be entitled to Child Care Subsidy (CCS) depending on your circumstances. We are opened 49 weeks of the year and the Centre operates from 8:00am -5:00pm.

Children who took part in our preschool enrollment in Broadmeadow

Young children are engaged in what Maria Montessori called “a process of self-construction” – they are keenly observing the world around them and absorbing knowledge and experience at an enormous rate.

Your child will go through “sensitive periods” which can be thought of as windows of opportunity for a child when they are interested in particular aspects of their environment to the exclusion of all others.

These aren’t chosen at random by the child: they are driven by an inner need for development. You may notice this yourself in your child as they show an intense interest in repeating certain activities or actions at length.

Our classrooms are designed to encourage and support this intense interest in many areas by providing high quality engaging materials and activities for the children to explore and use.